Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vladmir: A Closer Look

I'm feeling lazy today, so I'm just posting pictures of Vlad.

If you didn't know before, the first one is his standard appearance, and the next two are skins.

Friday, September 24, 2010

It seems your team neglected to bring a tank.

No worries, because Vlad makes a totally sub-par tank. But typically that's better than having none at all. Vlad can initiate with Hemoplague, gets a little AP from his health with his awesome passive, and can get out of sticky situations with Sanguine.

Masteries are 9/21/0. I love that 15% spell pen those 9 masteries in Offense can give you. And of course, Ardor because you're tanking.

Runes: MPen Marks, HP/Lv Seals, AP/Lv Glyphs, HP Quints. Looks familiar, eh?

With tank Vlad I like to start out with Warmog's. Call me crazy, but I've been a Warmogs fan since forever. If you don't like it, get something else.

The massive HP will give Vlad some pretty good AP. More than 50 AP when the Warmog's is maxed out. If you don't like Warmog's, get a Leviathan.

Merc's treads usually, if they have no CC go swiftness.

Mostly magic? Banshee's. Mostly AD? Sunfire. Typical stuff. Both have health, Vlad's favorite stat.

Get a Guardian Angel at this point. It's just too great.

Now, it's time to follow your tanky instincts. If you bought a Sunfire but they also have a mage giving you trouble, get that banshee's. If not, get another sunfire, or a thornmail, or whathaveyou. And vice versa.

If you ever decide you're tanky enough, get a Rylai's or a Zhonya's. Otherwise it's business as usual.

Stay tuned for more Vlad goodness!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to Rivers Run Red

This will be a Vladmir-based blog. Vladmir builds, stories, builds, and the like. Today we'll begin with my typical build. This is what I use for pugstomping and general dickery.

Masteries: 21/9/0

Gotta love that Havoc. Where to put your other 9 points is up to you.

Magic Pen Marks
Health/Level Seals
AP/Level Glyphs
Health Quints

A great Vlad build for runes. No mana here. The health will give you AP, and the AP will give you health. Magic Pen in the reds because of how great they are.


Amplyfing Tome => Soulstealer
Boots => Sorc/Merc/Swift

I prefer Sorc shoes due to the great damage MPen can provide. But sometimes you know you just gotta mercs.

Ruby Crystal => Leviathan

Here you can feel free to get Levi before boots-1 or boots-2, depending on how much of a badass you are.

Giant's Belt => Blasting Wand/Amplifying Tome => Rylai's

Health and AP, what's not to love? And the slowing effect really compliments Vlad's long-duration playstyle.

And from here, your luxury items. Such as:

Void Staff
Abyssal Scepter
Guardian Angel

And the like.

That's all for now.